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Welcome to Prairie Lane Bernedoodles!

We are a young family of 6 and live on the open prairie of Central Illinois where our dogs are provided with lots of sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and are well socialized.

Our family venture started in 2015 when our daughter was in 1st grade and her uncle gave her a lab puppy to take to school for pet day. Falling in love with her we decided to adopt her into our family and named her Brandy. The children spent countless hours playing with her & trained her to climb a 5-foot ladder to the playhouse. Then take a slide ride only to turn around and do it again. When Brandy grew older she welcomed her 1st litter of puppies and the children spent hours giving them wagon rides and playing "church" with them.

In 2019 we had the opportunity to adopt Trixie a genetic clear and OFA tested Bernese Mountain dog female with a fun-loving personality. When Trixie had her first litter of many Berniedoodles, our four-year-old son spent lots of time playing with them. One evening we found him fast asleep with puppies cuddling up to him on all sides and we decided our boys and puppies go together like peas and pods. After hours of research, genetics, and conformation we added several more females to our breeding program.

We love the big cuddly teddy bear bodies of the Bernese Mountain dog and their unending enthusiasm for life. Breeding them with a miniature poodle gives us a smaller, low-shedding dog with a more curly coat.

We highly value the family time spent together caring for adult dogs and socializing with the puppies. As young puppies being born with a low immune system, we take great care and hand them minimally in the first week to avoid overstressing them. When we do handle them, we always hold them close to our faces and hearts to reassure them to lay the foundation of trust in humans. These puppies will go on to change lives and they deserve the best care possible.

Our mission is to provide superior quality bernedoodles by being transparent with our practices and having high standards with our top-quality dog feed. We continue to work our best to ensure our adults are in the best of health and our pups come with a vet check and with a 2 Year Health guarantee, a blankie with mama's scent to help make the transition into their new home as easy as possible.

We enjoy seeing our clients connect with their newest family member and experiencing the joy only a dog can bring and we love the pictures, stories, and feedback we receive as well. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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